Hallo there!

3 09 2009

I’m still alive!  Really 🙂

Life has gotten quite busy.  Classes have started, and even though it looks on paper like I’ve nothing going on, the fact that I’ve done about 3 problems on the homework that’s due a week from now is a sign that I’m WAY behind.

I’ve just “baked” one of those 5 minute chocolate mug cakes and am waiting for it to cool so I can devour it.  Modified slightly–I used butter instead of oil, a little more vanilla, and only nuked it for 2 minutes, 30 seconds 3 minutes; I just went over and found that it was undercooked.  Hopefully, it will be more edible than the last try… the top was too dense to eat! 😦

(Just took a bite mmmm that is wonderful.  Tastes like REAL cake!)

So I said I’d post pictures of the spinning… I haven’t worked on it since my roommate moved in (aside from showing her that I have a spindle and yes, that is yarn on it, and here’s how it’s done…).

This is the best picture I’ve managed to get of it… the lighting’s not great in here, and my camera is not happy… That is to say, I need to get batteries.

Slightly random… I thought batteries used to be sort of / kind of  / almost cheap?  Because I think that $7 for 4 AA batteries is RIDICULOUS.  Gonna go to a real store and see if they’re any cheaper.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a red scarf (Ravelry|Pattern) for when it gets cold outside, a skirt of my own design (Ravelry), and I’ve recently finished a hat (Ravelry|Pattern) for my roommate.

Anywho, I’m swiftly running out of things to say and the time to go to lab approaches.  So here are some pictures:

On the left is the bottom of the skirt, i.e. the hem.  It’s about all I’ve done, but I think it’s lovely so far… But that opinion is a bit biased.  You know.  Toward myself.

And to your right is a hat.  This hat was made by me for my roommate, and turned out very different from the pattern.  I blame it on my inability to count.

And for your edumacation… Hmm…  As I need to hurry and finish eating so I can go to lab, I’ll leave you with a link to a book (that is partially online, courtesy of Google and the authors).  The thing that I need to read in this is about springs and dashpots (mainly the dashpots).  It was brought up in class as though the professor assumed all of us Electrical Engineering students knew what a dashpot is already… so I’m looking it up.  In short, a mechanical system can be modelled using electrical circuits… A dashpot is equated to a capacitor, and a spring is equated to an inductor.  (Wikipedia links)  At least, I think that’s how it works; now I can’t find anything on these pages to verify this 😦


“Out of sight, out of mind…”

16 08 2009

Wow.  I can’t believe I forgot to mention in my last post…

I suppose there’s reason for it, there’s a good bit going on right now despite the fact that this week was (supposedly) free time.

Tobey sent me a toy wheel, an eye-hook, and some roving, and I put these things together and started spinning!  Thanks, Tobey!!

I have no idea how much I’ve made; I left fluff on the end so I can continue whenever.  LOTS of roving left!  I’ll post pictures and more about the whole project soon!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I obviously need to get some more sleep…