Long time no… something!

13 07 2010

Update on Knitting: Picked up my red scarf (not much farther on it), started a new hat.

Update on Stitch Markers: I haven’t forgotten!  I just moved into a new place, though, so they’re… well, still in a box.  *wince*  As soon as I get the boxes unpacked, I’ll send the finished ones and finish making the rest. I’ll send an email before I mail them to make sure that addresses are still correct. Sorry again for these delays 😦

Update on Food: Oh man, I need to make this into a cooking blog.  Seriously.  Having my own apartment with a fairly large kitchen is REALLY NICE.  Especially since I have no roommates for the summer.  I have lucked out big time.  I made chocolate meringue pie (chocolate pudding made with yolks, meringue topping made with whites, all of it baked so it’s safe), meringue cookies (I was experimenting with eggs, okay?), curried rice (I think it would be right to say “curry” but I feel that it’s something I DID to the rice, so… curried.), successful chicken&rice (previous attempt was a disaster 😦 ), hamburgers without burning them and filling the apt with smoke (a friend of mine did that… to MY apt–I spent all night cleaning it), cookies, steak quesadillas (the trick is to use lime and ginger.  Seriously, try it sometime, along with the standard garlic, onion, and pepper.), annnd oh man I can’t even think of what else.  I got some soy sauce and am going to attempt to make a beef equivalent of ginger pork (my fave that is no longer sold at a Japanese restaurant that, unfortunately, went all-sushi).

Update on life in general

Okay, let’s see… I moved out of the dorm I was in since last summer (the one I moved into at the end of the summer, not the one I was in when I started this blog), into an off-campus apartment.  It is pretty nice.  Fresh paint, very secure.   Fairly new, but not expensive.  It actually works out to almost exactly the same price as the “equivalent” on-campus housing, but with 2 bathrooms and air conditioning that can actually be controlled beyond “HOT” or “COLD.”  I consider those things pretty important.

I took a course last term, and decided that to save myself from being idle (or something? I like feeling productive), I would take another course this term, while I knew for certain that a professor I didn’t like was NOT teaching it.  So far, so good.  *thumbs up*  I managed 108% on the test, which was yesterday.  For once, I don’t mind that there was no partial credit–I knew as soon as I hit “submit” that I had an A+.

To explain the “hitting submit” bit, I should point out that ALL ECE courses are online during the summer.  Sometimes this bugs me (no chance to talk to the prof, except by phone or by requesting an on-campus meeting–the latter is what I’ve been doing), and other times I like love it (I can keep whatever hours I want, as long as I learn the material, turn in the homework, and make it to the test).  And yes, that means that I’ve spent most of this summer nocturnal.  I think it works out pretty well… I can’t tell if it’s getting hotter out each year, or if I’m just getting worse and worse at handling the heat.  I need to start keeping track of temperatures so I can compare.

To be honest, I don’t have much to say :/  But I wanted to post, because it’s been so long since I’ve done anything on this blog.

I’m adding a link to the blogroll, and here’s a picture of my latest project:

That’s right: A full-size Frog Hat!




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