MMMMMMMashed Potatoes.

7 03 2010

Today I didn’t feel well, and decided that mashed potatoes would fix everything.

I WAS RIGHT.  NomsyLee went and got some beef for stewing while I made mashed potatoes, so we had beef stew (the kind that’s just beef + gravy) and mashed potatoes.  For the first time ever, I managed to make mostly unlumpy gravy, but the meat’s not the important part (for once).

I actually messed up the mashed potatoes, but they were really good!  So here’s what I did

1) Boil water.  Add a bunch of onion powder, pepper, and garlic salt while waiting on it to boil.  Peel, wash, and chop up potatoes.

2) Boil potatoes for about 20 minutes (which for these tiny potatoes was probably too long).

3) Drain potatoes.

So far so good!

4) Add a packet of Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss cheese.  (I actually normally do it this way–makes ’em creamier.)

5) Add milk.

6) Accidentally add too much milk.

7) (Optional) Sigh.  Shrug.

8) Add butter.

9) Get out mixer.

10) (Optional) grumble about how far it is from the plug to the pot.

11) Mash those potatoes!

12) Decide they’re too soggy.  Add another pack of cheese.  Mix it in well.

13) Taste it.. and realize that it’s DELICIOUS.

No, I don’t really measure when I make potatoes.  Or anything, for that matter.  It usually turns out better that way, except for bread and hot chocolate.




2 responses

7 03 2010
Off The Eaten Path

Mashed potatoes always make me feel better too! 🙂

30 08 2010

Mashed potatoes are one of those comfort foods for me too. So yummy, and they hit the spot when I’m feeling down.

There have been times when I’m not having a great day at work in addition to feeling kinda icky, so I’ll go to Safeway buy a package of premade/ready to heat up and eat mashed potatoes, matching gravy, and a can of corn, take it back to work, nuke it, and sit there and savor it as long as I can. The only bad part about doing it that way is I’ll end up eating half a family size portion of mashed potatoes… oops! xD

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