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8 02 2010

Went to a crazy food party at a friend’s place recently.

They had pizza.  This pizza was homemade (I helped!).

So, here is a rough reckoning of the recipe, modified to my taste and kitchen inventory:

  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Parmesan (optional, imho; I haven’t been using it)
  • Pizza-crust-in-a-can (Walmart has it, it’s near the biscuits-in-cans, and kind of tastes similar)
  • tomatoes (1.5-2 is plenty, unless you REALLY like tomato)
  • onion, garlic (fresh is optional; I use minced onion and garlic powder. Fresh onion and no garlic was on the party version.)

Roll out pizza crust as instructed on can; if you’re adding veggies beyond just the tomatoes, you’ll want to prebake it for about 4 minutes.  Thinly slice the tomatoes, and follow suit for any extra veggies.  Pile on crust as thick as you like.  Sprinkle lots of each kind of cheese (may want to mix them first?) on the pizza.  Put in oven for however long it will take the crust to cook (~15 minutes on the kind I used).  Remove from oven, let cool, eat!

Most reading this probably already know I’m not big on veggies… but this is pretty good!  I like the tomatoes REALLY thin and spread out, so there’s no sudden CRUNCH in my mooshy goodness.

PS it’s hard to cut thin slices with a santoku.  That’s the only non-serrated Kitchen Knife I have 😦  Lost my old paring knife.




One response

30 08 2010

Yummy! This sounds delicious! My husband and I are on a “light dinner” kick (as in no heavy meals loaded with meat) and I think I would LOVE to make this for dinner tonight!

Thanks for posting the recipe! 😀

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