Hello, World.

21 01 2010

I took a break from forums, blogs, and “real-life” hobbies over the break.  I spent most of my time playing with code and playing D&D Online… But now the semester has (about a week past..) begun, and real life happens.  Hello.

Knitting… I (finally!) ran out of yarn on that red scarf I’ve been working on, and now have an estimate of how much it’ll take.  I need two more skeins.  Maybe I’ll have it ready for next winter… I really needed it a few times.  It’s been pretty cold out!

Crochet… Haven’t since I got hooked on knitting (pun slightly intended, for the reverse-osity).

Baking!  I am learning to make bread.  I had flour, milk, and eggs, and I thought, “Hey, that’s bread, right?”  Not exactly, it turns out.  That’s pancakes, crepes, or blini.  At least now I know where they got the translation “blini = pancake” from… the similarity ends at the ingredient list.  They are similar to crepes.

But that’s not the important part!  The important part is that I discovered a recipe for tortillas (so a half gallon of milk went to waste, but at least I used eggs for other purposes)!  Delicious!  Roommate already knew how to make corn tortillas, but… not so big on those myself.

So tortillas!  Delicious.  Then I got some yeast… the dry kind, in packets, from the store.  I keep having to reassure myself.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry.

So I made yeast rolls!  Well, the internet called them French Bread Rolls, but… French bread is delicious.  These were not.  They looked right, smelled right, but they taste… green.  I know, synesthesia doesn’t solve anything, but that’s the only description I have for it.  I know there was too much yeast, but it’s hard to measure out of those little packets.  Luckily, NomsyLee, roomie, and roomie’s boyfriend like them.  So there’s only one left.  If it’s not eaten by late tonight, it’s going in the bin–these rolls (according to The Internets) only last a few days.

I’m sure a few of you are wondering where your packages are.  I have 3 sets ready–decided to make 6 per set, with a couple of several sizes.  My jewelry pliers have gone AWOL, though, so production has been put on an unexpected extended hiatus.  I’ve got a few ideas of where they might be hiding, but so far searches have resulted in nothing 😦

I seem to have run out of things to say.  Hmm.




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