Chatter Post

3 11 2009

So I’ve mostly been whining lately.  Time to chatter about life, and generally be positive.


This morning it was really foggy out.  It looked cold from my window, but it was actually pretty nice out.  Nice and cool, so the walk down to Holtz was nice.  I ran to catch up with Nick and we commiserated over the test we were walking toward.

Had advising.  I finally know for sure that I’m pronouncing my advisor’s name right.  Discovered while planning for advising that I only have 11 hours + 2 hours research first semester next school year, and only 9 (that’s right, 3 less than full time!) senior year.  So count the 6 hours for the Gen Ed requirements I’m missing, and I have 15 hours one semester, 12 the other.

I think I’m going to take Chinese.  Apparently it’s taught really well here.  Kacey’s been teaching me some.  I can say 中国 (Zhōnggǔo — China) and … aww man, I forgot!  😦  Well, at least I still remember “ni hao” and “ni hao ma?”

Three out of four tests down.  Electromagnetics tomorrow, and then I register for classes.

And for NaNoWriMo, my word count is 3531.  5000 is today’s goal.  I’ll probably put it on hold until tomorrow afternoon.  3333 words isn’t that hard to write, especially when about 200 of them are already done.




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