The frenzy slows, but doesn’t stop.

12 10 2009

The Roo pattern has arrived!  So much happiness.  I’m still undecided on the yarn, though.  Ordered some of the di.Ve’ to try out, and I liked it a lot, but I think I’m going to need a chunkier yarn.  I’m frogging the hat that I started making with it, just because I’ve decided I don’t like the pattern as much as I thought I did.  Go figure.  It’s just not as much fun as expected.

Quick review of the di.Ve’–it’s VERY soft, smooth… I love the texture.  It IS a little splitty, especially when knitting right after the cast-on, but it’s not nearly as bad as some reviews made it sound.  Once you get past where the casting untwists the yarn, there’s no splitting, at least that I noticed.  The color is very even throughout the skein, too.

Now, on to the contest… Those of you in Canada: I’m trying to figure out how to make USPS happy when I send, and trying to figure out if I can send international from my local post office.  I DO plan to send to you.

To everyone who participated: I’m just now starting on the markers.  Sorry, but it’s been a busy… I can’t even count the weeks.  This week is a bit of a break; only two assignments, and they’re due NEXT week.  Phew.  So I can get the markers under way, and figure out postage.

And as I’m back home and have neither camera nor knitting projects (other than the wire and such to make stitch markers), I really don’t have anything else to show off :/  But I wanted to update and let everyone know how the “prizes” are doing 🙂




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