16 09 2009

A very wonderful person on Ravelry (Happy Birthday, Rosebelleknits!) has indicated that she’s going to send me a the pattern “Roo” that I’ve been drooling over…  The plan is to play with the pattern to make it fit me!  I’ll be posting on how THAT goes…

Meanwhile, it’s time to pick yarn!  I really like this yarn— Di.Ve’ Zenith.  I want washable and warm… and decided wool’s probably the way to go.  I can’t seem to pick a color, though!

100_5571So.. here’s a picture of me, which I previously posted to show off the scarf… and a picture from the pattern site.

That kid is so cute .

(It’s up to you to decide if I’m being narcissistic).

And now, for a CONTEST.

I think contest actually isn’t the best word for it, but I don’t know what else to call it.

I would like suggestions on which color to use, or suggestions for other yarns if you know of one that’s better.  (Like I said, I much prefer washable yarn–meaning I can put it in the washer, and also the dryer.  I live in a dorm, and there’s not much room for a line or a rack to dry things on.)  The first ten (10) repliers who also email me their mailing addresses will receive some homemade stitch markers (made by me, in assorted sizes).  If you are a crocheter and would like crochet stitch markers rather than knitting ones, please specify in the email–otherwise, I will assume knitting.  My email is  Remove the Xs–they’re there to (try to) block spambots.  It will probably be at LEAST a week before I send these off.  I have the supplies, but not much time right now–lots of tests over the next few weeks.  So please be patient 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to study!  (I’ve a test tomorrow and a test on Friday, and tomorrow night I start work tutoring… Busy me!)




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16 09 2009

I made my “Hey Teach” out of Knitpicks comfy. It’s so soft and washable. It might be a good choice! It’s such a cute jacket.

16 09 2009

I was just reading through my blog reader and noticed that Turtle Girl has started a sweater out of superwash Cascade 220 for a younger friend of hers

You may not be thrilled with orange, but there are LOTS of other colors!

16 09 2009

What about Knit Picks Swish? It is superwash, which is a cool thing. What about red? blue? hmm, purple? Maybe green? Or maybe even a neutral (camel-colored-ish? I think it will be pretty regardless!

16 09 2009

I went to Ravelry to look up that sweater you’ve mentioned here – how adorable! I can envision it in red with all the fall colours that are around us right now… 🙂 Nice blog!

17 09 2009

I think that the sweater for an adult will be gorgeous. Anxious to see your progress on converting this. Sorry, no suggestions for superwash yarn, except look at the baby yarns (they are soft and come in all weights). Good luck on school. Came over from RAK

17 09 2009

How about DIC Classy? I love that yarn! It’s superwash, but not plasticy- dead feeling. The colors are amazing, and although it’s a little pricey, the yardage makes up for it. I hope this helps!

20 09 2009

Ok for the Di.Ve yarn – I’d go with the Grass Green color – I think it’d be lovely – but I”m on a green kick right now. I also think it’d be pretty in Port as well.
As a suggestion for another yarn, I’m going to second the superwash Cascade 220 – but you’re going to have color choosing issues again – so for those I’d go for #’s 906 (green again), 1947 (purple), and 908 (rose color)

As far as another yarn, I really like Berroco Toche, but it’s not wool – Vintage is their wool blend, but I’ve never used it.
Good luck and let us know what you end up choosing!

23 09 2009

I’m a big fan of elann’s superwash bamboo —

There’s a pretty good palette of colours there, and it’s relatively inexpensive — and machine washable and dryable. The bamboo gives it a nice shine, too.

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