I’m on a knitting spree!

14 09 2009

That’s right.  A knitting spree.

As of a few hours ago, I have knit (since last post, and to completion) two baby hats, one for-me hat, an armband for myself, an armband for my brother (might have mentioned it in last post?), and… well, that’s it.  Still!  It’s a lot, and most of it was done in about 2 days.

Last weekend, I went to DragonCon.  I had lots of fun.  I plan to cosplay next year.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  But I liked DragonCon much more than all the other conventions I’ve been to… mainly because it wasn’t specifically an anime con, so I actually knew some of the characters that I saw running about!  I went to some drawing seminars and some writing seminars.  I knit an armband.  I ran around Atlanta (okay, I walked one block).

I am sleepy and just wanted to update on existence…  But here is a fun comic I made after taking pictures to show off my latest finished piece (my first colorwork, as well as my first pompom):

On Friday, while frantically trying to finish homework. I spilled soda on my laptop.  I’m currently typing on a borrowed external keyboard.

I shouldn’t be using my computer right now, probably, to prevent further damage… but I’ve got reports to write.  Break’s over.  Till next time…




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