Knitting group, school, and crazy parties.

21 08 2009

Today we’re going to start off with a very brief segment of our not-so-daily “Learn Something New Every Day!”

This however-long’s comes from the New York Times (and also my embedded systems class): DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated.  While DNA analysis is pretty expensive and tedious (from what I’m told, no sources on this), it’s become the “indisputable” evidence in some cases.

Slightly off-topic, beware of yes/no answers in court.  A former teacher of mine was once asked, “Is there ANY possibility that two people can have the same fingerprints?”  Of course, as no one has taken the time to track down all 6.7 gigafolks in order to check and compare their fingerprints, it’s incredibly unlikely but technically possible.

Now for a quick update on projects… I’m still working on the second sock, and a hairband, and I’ve started on a skirt of my own design.  Whoo!  As I’m kind of busy (classes have resumed, and I already have a pile of homework), I’m not posting pictures here just now… but if you’re on Ravelry, you can check out my projects page for pictures.

Meanwhile, I’m organizing a knitting group in Clemson!  Our first “meeting” is going to be Saturday (tomorrow) around 6 at Spill the Beans (in Clemson).
That’s really all I’ve got for right now.. sorry for the lack of updates, but it’ll pick up again soon. 🙂




One response

24 08 2009

This was pretty educational really. I had never thought about the possibility of having the same fingerprint as another humanbeing. Technically anyway.
Good luck with starting your new knitting group. I hope you find it as much fun as I have with my Spinning Guild. Check out I am sure you will make some really good friends from this.

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