Socks and baby hats!

15 08 2009

I’ve been working on some of the most addictive projects in all knit-dom: Socks and Baby Hats.  Never mind the pretty shawls and scarves, the cute tops and spiffy skirts… No.  SOCKS.  And BABY HATS.

I’ve learned from this that I prefer double-point needles to Magic Loop.  Sure, the first thing I learned was ML, but I just find DPNs more comfortable.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I figured out that if I don’t put them up to my face, they can’t poke my eye out! 😉

So I now have 3 pairs of interchangeable tips with four cables, plus one pair of addi lace needles.  Guess I’ll be using them primarily for lace, though I’ve got a baby hat on the KP nickel-plated.

Regarding these new needles:  I like the cables that came with the KnitPicks much better than the Addi.  They’re no more flexible, but they seem to have less “memory.”  I have not tried any of the tricks I’ve heard of to help with that.  I also haven’t actually used any of the needles besides the nickel-plated tips from KnitPicks.

So here’s the initial take on the needles:  All of the KPs came in clean, smooth, no problems that I can tell.  They come with “key” to tighten and loosen, which is handy.  It never ocurred to me that it might be needed, but it certainly is!  I like the texture of all four pairs (on the actual needle, now).  The nickel-plated KPs are smooth, seem to be without any kind of extra coating, but don’t seem to, so far, take on oil from my hands.  The wooden “Harmony” needles are also smooth… They came already waxed, it seems.  I was thinking I might need to go find some wax paper, but I didn’t.  The Zephyr acrylic needles are a little strange, to me, but I’m looking forward to trying them.  They don’t feel much like plastic, more like a light metal–but not as cold initially, and I think probably less hot after a while (I have hot hands, which has caused problems in art class).  They aren’t as bendy as some of the larger ones look in the videos.  It’s just a little give.  I need to try them to find out just how handy this is… I keep thinking it could make some of my tightness issues worse.  But, I don’t know yet.  So don’t give up on them yet, if you’re debating.  The Addis are nice and smooth.  The coating on them doesn’t seem to affect temperature or texture of the needle greatly–good for those of us who like metal needles.

That’s all I’ve got on the needles so far… I’ll be trying them out once I have a few WIPs out of the way.

So back around to the beginning, baby hats and socks!  I have one sock and 2 rows of a second.  I used Peaches&Creme cotton, perhaps not the best idea, but here’s how they look:

And here’s the project page on Ravelry (with a silly shot of “conquering the DPNs“).

Meanwhile, I’ve finally gotten back on the baby hats, which will be donated whenever I have a pile.  (The patterns I’m using are for preemie hats, but it’s easier to just say “baby hat.”  They’ll be either mailed off or taken to the local hospital, depending on whether there’s a program for it in my area and if I can get a ride.)  I’ll post pictures when I have more…  Tigr will be modelling the hats, and likely also the socks!  Poor Tigr.




2 responses

16 08 2009
Tom S

Super job, looks great.

15 09 2009

cool socks yo

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