Support Your Local Library

2 08 2009

I went to the library down in a nearby town today, looking for a DVD but remembering that today is the day of their monthly book sale.

So I stopped in.  I skimmed around, hoping to find a book I read when I was in middle school (I’ve started to get fantasy nostalgia), and remembered that in the corner there had previously been knitting magazines.  Last time I was in, I didn’t knit, but now I was more curious.  They had a huge stack of Interweave Knits, Knit Simple, Knit N Style, and I believe a few others.  I hadn’t brought any cash… But Lee had driven me there–he wanted to go to the sale!  He said he’d cover it, so I picked up 10 copies of Interweave Knits–a whopping total of $1.00.

I grabbed a bunch of recent Fall issues, hoping for a pattern I had found on Ravelry, though fairly certain that it was in the Fall 2009 issue–which wasn’t there by any means!

I just checked on Ravelry a little while ago, and the item is in the Fall 2008 issue!  I have it!  It’s currently at Lee’s house, in an effort to encourage me to study and pack, instead of drooling over patterns.

However, the point of all this wasn’t just to brag about the great deal.  (Okay, a little.  I’m only human, y’know.)

The lady checking out wasn’t paying a lot of attention, and after two attempts, we arrived at a total that we think is a little more.  We paid it, no questions.  Why?

  1. It was still a great price.  Sure, it’s really nice to get a paperback book for 50 cents, but a dollar is still quite cheap.
  2. We can certainly afford to pay $2 extra and get 10 magazines, 5 or 6 paperbacks, and a CD for about $7.
  3. Public libraries can definitely use the money.  Why begrudge them a small donation, accidental or otherwise?

I now owe Lee a dollar.  Guess I’d better go get it out of my crocheted bag…

So anyway, go check out book sales at libraries!  200ish Patterns for the price of… less than one!




3 responses

3 08 2009

WOW!!! I wish our local library was like yours, they never seem to have book sales, and getting my hands on knitting or crochet books is like pulling teeth.

3 08 2009

I love library book sales, both for donating and for buying.

3 08 2009

Libraries are great aren’t they? I just rediscovered our local library, since I’m trying to save money. Its so nice to not have to look at price tags when you want something to read!

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