Swaps, Shawls, and Weddings

1 08 2009

Let’s see if I can do this in order (without changing the title).

First of all, Jen received her swap item on Thursday.  Wanna hear a (no longer) secret?  You’ve already seen the knit item!  It’s that scarf that I posted about a few posts down!  So now I shall post more pictures (courtesy of Jen, since I forgot to take pictures before rushing the box over to the post office).

More can be found here.  All photos of items I sent to Jen that are in this set are, of course, courtesy of Jen.  I sent her the ripple scarf, a skein of Marble Chunky yarn, a few little tubs of play-doh, a bunch of buttons and a couple of buttons made into stitch markers, fruit tea, and a mug, which I drew on.

And here’s what I recieved from Tobey!  More pics can be found in the same set as above.  There’s a dishcloth, a drawstring bag, Peaches & Creme yarn in pretty blues, a small picture frame, Chinese checkers, and adorable stitch markers (go look on flickr!)

Whee!  So much fun swappings.

I started on a shawl almost as soon as I got the swap done…  I’m on row 20-something (I don’t remember, and I don’t want to get it out, or I’ll start working on it!).  I’d really like to have it done in time for the wedding (see below), but I doubt I will–remember, it took me over a month to make that scarf!

So a couple of my friends, John and Sarah, are getting married next week.  Yikes!  They’re my age and younger… It’s so strange!  I don’t feel like I should be getting married any time soon, but it’s still strange to realize that my friends are getting married.  (Another friend is engaged, and I think she has either already gotten married or has just been engaged longer than they have been.)  Wow.  I’m attending a wedding that isn’t between people about 10 years older than I.  It’s just a tad shocking.

So I’ve been fussing over what to get them.  It’s hard to decide… I mean, I know them through gaming!  I thought maybe a dragon… but they don’t need that, and might not have room in the apartment, with all the other D&D items…  There’s no registry, and since they’ve been living on their own for so long, the only thing I can imagine they might need is cookware.  Not getting that for them, sorry.  So I finally decided to knit a dishcloth in a nice blue, a heart on it (but not obnoxiously huge), and a gift card.  To where?  Haven’t decided.   I might just go withdraw some cash and put it in a card.

So that’s about halfway done.  I’m hoping to have some leftover yarn… I’m using Tobey’s gift yarn!  It’s so pretty 😀

Annnnd that’s about it?  I can’t think of much else to say.  The kitten is cuddling with me, but since she stole my bunny fridge magnet from Ravelry, she’s not getting much petting.  She’s purring anyway.  And sniffing the screen.




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