Sick of being sick

29 07 2009

Missed work yesterday.  I’ve missed work once a week since about week 4 of this rotation.  This is week 12.  That really sucks.

But once I was feeling better, I did get some things accomplished!

I got the swap package for the Ravelry group “I Wish I Could Knit” in the mail!  It should be recieved on Thursday (that’s tomorrow!) or Friday, and then I can post pictures and comments.

At the same time, I picked up an order from Ravelry!  Now when I go to knit groups, I can display my Ravelry name tag.  I also got a couple of car window clings  (debating putting them on, though) and those tiny animal magnets.  Finally, the menu for the Chinese restaurant and my crab dip recipe (which is about to be covered in red–for edits) will actually stay on the fridge!  Well, assuming the cat doesn’t knock them down.

I then went to take a test, and after that I printed off a bunch of patterns.  I’m now working on my second knit item and my first lace (also, first shawl)!  It’s Keltische Verknotung (“Celtic Knot”), and is free on Ravelry.  I’ve already started and frogged a couple of times.  I just knit way to tightly!

Anyway, since I haven’t taken pictures of any projects since I last updated pictures, I’ll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow to post pictures of the zigzag afghan or the shawl.  Please feel free to comment and remind me!




One response

31 07 2009

Lace is hard, especially for beginner knitters. I just finished my second piece of lace, and it was a very simple shawl. Maybe, if you’re having too much trouble, you might want to set aside your Celtic Knot and find something a little easier to start with.
And tight lace isn’t a bad thing. When you wash and block it, it will loosen up some.

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