of Swaps and Afghans

25 07 2009

Ah, finally I’ve finished knitting that knit swap item for the Ravelry group, “I Wish I Could Knit.”  (The group is geared towards crocheters who want to learn to knit.  Very friendly and helpful.)  June’s swap topic was “Challenge yourself,” and, well, I did.  Since I’ve never knit anything before, the sheer size of the project was daunting.  It was supposed to be sent out by July 15, and I’ve only just finished it.  I’ll be posting more later, along with pics of my finished object and of the package I recieved.

As for right now, I’m heading out, and will be finishing up the swap item (gotta weave those ends in!) and starting on the afghan I’ve been wanting to make since I was little.

I only recently found out that blankets besides zig-zag afghans can be called “afghans” as well.  Silly, I guess, but that’s the only kind of blanket I’d ever heard called an afghan.   Otherwise, it was a comforter, a blanket, or a quilt.

My childhood definitions to know which was which?

  • Afghan: crocheted zig zag blanket
  • Quilt: made of patches/blocks, sewn, stuffed
  • Comforter: a “lazy” quilt made of 2 big pieces of fabric, stuffed, and with little stitch patterns all over it.
  • Blanket: everything else

Well, I’m off to hang out with my boyfriend’s grandma.  (I think I’m the only person she’s not mad at right now.)




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