24 07 2009

I’ve started working on a tutorials section.  It’s all in progress still, and at the moment I can only put things that are entirely writing… no pictures 😦

But that does mean that the “Shorthand” and “How to Read a Pattern” pages are in progress… and soon I’ll be tackling the section on getting started (perhaps I’ll rename it from “The Basics”… “Getting Started” is more appropriate to the topic).

Now to make this postworthy, I should probably find something to talk about. 😉

I’ve made 44 inches of a 50-60 inch scarf, knitting.  I should be able to finish tonight.  I’m debating blocking it.  It’s acrylic, so the only real option is to spray-block.  Also, it’s washable… So I’ll need to wash it first (since it’s a gift, I need to anyway).  And if it’s washed again (which I bet it will be), the blocking would have to be redone.

So do I just wash it, dry it, wrap it, and call it done?  Or do I wash it, dry it, spray it, block it, wrap it, and attach a note saying, “If you want it to look like this, you’ll have to block it every time.”?

A conundrum.

Meanwhile, I just finished a (crochet) small bag.  It was going to be a dice bag, but Tobey sent me this wonderful knit bag, so instead I stopped it a little short, made a closing flap, and put my measuring tape and some stitch markers in it.  It’s now in my knitting bag (also known as my crochet bag; it does double duty), ready to go whenever I am.  It could also be a cell phone case… though it’s a bit bigger than the phones these days!

Hmm, how about some recent events in the yarny world?

Last week (was it only last week?), I went to the Knit @ Nite at Yes Yarn!.  Loads of fun!  Though it was a little odd, being there straight from work (still dressed up).  I hate knitting in my work clothes; it’s too hard to sit comfortably.  I was the youngest person there, unless you count the rabbit, Wellington.  The conversation drifted much like the after-dinner conversations my mother, my aunt, and I have on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Much like on those days, all or almost all the guys had drifted off to sleep or play, while we chatted the hours away.

I usually listen to music or put on a movie while I knit.  At the Knit @ Nite, I realized that I could go much faster while chatting (or listening, as I mostly did) than the way I normally do.  Why isn’t music okay?  Well, it’s always either Pandora Radioor my iPod.  Either way, I skip songs that I don’t want to listen to, and on the computer, I’m usually also surfing the web.

Do you surf and knit at the same time?

I discovered that the name of this blog is even more unoriginal than I had thought… I’d wanted to make a cute name that covered knitting and crocheting, that was simple, and had a nice ring to it.  “Hooks & Needles” makes me think of “pins and needles” (which could easily be a sewing blog!  Quick, someone claim it!).  Hence the subtitle… instead of “on pins and needles,” a way of expressing nervousness which can even indicate anticipation, we’re on hooks and needles!  Get it?

I’m so corny.

And it was after I’d put up my original image for the top banner that I realized how horrible the name could be…  I had cropped the picture so that there were eyes peeking over the needle.  It was kind of creepy.  Okay, it was very creepy.  So I cropped it.

A quick note about comments–I had it set to have me screen comments before they were posted.  That is not awesome.  I took off that option, and kept it so that if certain words are uttered, I have to make sure that it’s not flame/spam.  So far there’s only one, but if I start getting spams and/or flames, the list may grow.

That’s all I’ve got for right now 🙂





2 responses

24 07 2009

Don’t worry about blocking the scarf – if it’s 100% acrylic, blocking won’t do anything at all. Wrap it & call it done. See? Totally easy 🙂
And who washes scarves anyway?

(hello from ravelry!)

24 07 2009
Lopsy Li

Well, I’ve been carrying it everywhere. It’s been cuddled on the cat, dragged on the floor, mere inches away from the drooly snouts of 4 pugs… I think I should wash it before I gift it 😉 Besides that, it’s a gift for someone who has small children. Shiny things + small children = disaster, in my experience (and I was very good at disasters when I was a kid).

It shows that I’m on Ravelry, since I almost posted with asterisk instead of html for the italic, and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t click “Educational” and “Love”!

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